Thursday, March 2, 2017

Snippets of Writing

Today, we listened to a voice clip of various screams.  Some made us laugh and others sound like pure terror.

Our task today was to write a short paragraph that captures that scream in a moment of time.

Here are some of our efforts:

It was a dark and stormy my night (strangely), I was out getting wood. Then.... a fire ring went around me....... PIGS!  Lots of evil Pigs, then chickens, so I ran for my life.  I tripped.  Heroine showed up.  He nearly killed me when ... I screamed, I screamed like a girl!  Then I awoke, it was all a dream, or was it.

I was sitting down on the chair, all of a sudden, someone was standing behind me.  Something was breathing on the back of my neck.  I started screaming. Gone!  Running down the street!  Escape!
Dylan W

Last year I went to a gaming place.  We went into a game, suddenly the game started.  I screamed and screamed, people poppe bout of the doors, another popped out.  I didn't know what to do, I opened my mouth and then AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! The game finished.

I was running down the road when I saw a big beast chasing me.  Suddenly I stopped, I ran round the corner, into an alleyway.  It stopped to look for me, it kind of looks like the monster off Stephen King's IT.  It found me....AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I yelled, I wasn't thinking so I ran out and punched him in the face.  I got away.... barely.

I stand there, waiting,  It had been 5 minutes and they still haven't arrived. Then, all of a sudden, it's there.  I freeze, trying not to move.  Slowly, it starts to move towards me.  It's eyes glow red.  It stares right at me.  I couldn't bare it ...... AAAAAHHHHHH!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Class Motto - The Chuken and the MELONS

We had many discussions about the expectations of our class this year..... there were so many great ideas from amazing seniors.  We had two stand out ideas.

One was 'the Chuken' (yes, it is spelt like that LOL) - this was a mascot that was designed by Toby and Braxton.  He is a crazy little character that is not afraid to challenge the norm.  
Jack came up with a great catch phrase for our Chuken - BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY!
We decided that the chuken could be our mascot - we have many great plans for merchandise (watch this space).
However, we needed a bit more meaning behind our Chuken - Cearna and Manaia came up with MELONS (as pictured below) this will give everyone something to hang their expectations on, sort of our Senior code.  
After much laughter and some rather crazy suggestions, we decided that we will be the melons and the chuken will be the leader of the melons.
It all sounds rather confusing but we get it.

Managing Self, Encouraging others, Learn as much as you can, Organised, Never give up, Successful

We all used our maths skills to create a 3D melon - WE ARE THE MELONS!!!

Here are our Chukens that we made with Miss Gloyn - We are going to be the Heroes of our own stories!!!
Riki-Lee has fully committed to be one awesome MELON!!!

My Story - By Kate

This is my first effort tin writing for the year.  It is still a work in progress, so it has mistakes.
I am aiming to make a podcast of this story so keep an eye out on our blog, next week.

Click on the link below to read my writing:

Kate's Writing - Click here

On the island part 1-Ryan

I was on a boat with a crew at hand then a tsunami crashed into my ship making the ship turn turtle. The crew sadly got killed by sharks but I survived swimming for days punching sharks in the face then, there it was a little island I swam to it immediately then I found that I was now STRANDED!!!!

I tried to calm down then I realised I can’t so I…
Ran around in circles screaming my head off then I crashed into a tree. Then when I woke up I found a crab on my face pinching my nose that woke me up ow,ow,ow,ow,ow get off me you crabby craberson.

My second day on the island no drinkable water for miles then when I thought I lost hope I saw a,a,a water bottle on a desserted island then I had no choise then I realised it was my fav drink it must have fallen from a plane or a helecopter or something like that.

Day three I was still stranded on the island then I saw a chopper then I signeled it and I was safe from the terable island

The end???

Makayla&Aimee work in proggress.

This week my neighbour's cat had kittens and gave them to me. One was ginger and white the other one was light brown and shaded white. I called them Griffins and Cupcake.
Griffins was the ginger one, and Cupcake was the light and shaded white one. They were so small and cute and cuddly.

One afternoon I said “come on Griffins and Cupcake let's go outside for an adventure!” But as soon as I opened my door all I saw was a miniature cat . I felt so sorry for this cat so I adopted her I named her mittens now I have three cats.

Mittens, Griffins and Cupcake decided to go out for a walk they hopped on the bed but they  just made it. they jumped on to the window cell. Luckily the window was just tilted open! Mittens jumped off of the window and followed the trail. Griffins and Cupcake followed the trail into the darkness. It was very difficult to find Mittens though because she blended in with the darkness. But luckily cat’s have night vision! Griffins, Cupcake and Mittens, are now lost they don’t know where to go, what to do, or where to go next. They followed the track that they went down.

Then after a big adventure they finally found home. But before they went inside they wanted to go to the store. You would be thinking. Wait what? Cats going to the store at 1am in the morning now that is weird. Well these cats aren’t normal cats they are..Robbers! Thats right they are robbers. They mostly like stealing fish. They have to be undercover otherwise people will be suspicious about them. They also have to be very cute for it to work. That’s the best thing for them, since they can always be cute! Cat’s are one of the cutest animals ever invented!

Cupcake sprinted down the street, she could smell the greatness of the fish! But there was one problem they didn’t know how to get inside without breaking the window. Then Griffins saw a cat entrance around the back. This shop owner must be crazy. They must not know the secret about all the cats! Mittens, Cupcake and Griffins entered the cat door. Inside it was a pig sty. It was disgusting guts on the ground also a knife that had been cutting up a… Fish, finally a nice cut up fish, there was three pieces cut up perfectly! Mittens rushed right up onto the counter she was really hungry. So were Griffins and Cupcake. ‘Weep’. They paused for a moment… The door just swung right open.  Someone must’ve entered the room. They quickly tried to run out the cat door until it swung right open. The owner just opened the door and just noticed that the fish was missing. The cats had to hide.

They saw a clock and they looked at the time it was boom 6am! Already they couldn’t believe it. Griffins was to scared and ran right out the door and the others grabbed the fish quickly then ran straight out the cat door. And didn’t even look behind them to see if the owner was following them.They did the exact same thing as they did to get out the window when they arrived home. They were hoping that their owner wasn’t awake. Luckily they were just in time because their owner was waking up. They made it look like they were asleep. But first they had to crunch down the fish. Then they accidently fell asleep. That was their little adventure!

Thanks for listening

By Aimee and Makayla

Tiopira & Olivers Story

                     Tiopira & Olivers

Bing bong! The bell rang, Shawn’s first day at his new school. His teacher Mr Hawking welcomed him to his new classmates, he made his way to an empty desk, BAM! Someone tripped him up.
He got up and he sat at his desk at the back of the room, he got his phone and headphones an listened to his mashup.
After class he went to the have some lunch but then some people named Bruce and Rex went up to him and he said, “What are you doing at my school nerd!”.
Shawn whispered, “I don’t care”.
Then Rex yelled, “What was that Loser?”.
and then they walked off.
The next day Shawn went to the principal Mr Goodman, “Mr Goodman I am having a bad time here at this school’,
Gasped Shawn.
Mr Goodman replied, “What Is Your trouble?”
Then Shawn screamed out, “Some of your students are being mean.” Mr Goodman was surprised, “What are their names?
” “Bruce And Rex”  Shawn whispered,
“Well then I will ask them to stop if they don’t I will put them in detention.” screamed Mr Goodman. “Okay”,shrieked Shawn as he walked away.

The next day Rex and Bruce went up to
Shawn and said, “Why did you snitch on us loser?”
Shawn replied “Because you’re being mean!” “Shut up nerd!” yelled Rex.
Shawn started to cry he ran to the bathroom and wiped up his tears and went to class.

After school he ran home and locked himself in his room and he looked under his bed and grabbed something… he grabbed his launchpad and made some music. Suddenly someone came crashing in through his door and it was his mum saying, “ get out of your room now!”
“But why mum?” Yelled Shawn.
“Just get out!” screamed Shawn’s mum”. Shawn left his room.

After that Shawn found out that Bruce and Rex were outside on his porch.  “No mum please tell them to leave!” Yelled Shawn
“Okay!” Yelled Shawn’s mum.
Shawn’s mum opened the door slowly and said
“Sorry boys but you have to leave because I have heard you have been bullying my son, so on your way come on keep on moving.”
“But we are here to say sorry to Shawn.” exclaimed Rex.
“Oh okay” said Shawn’s Mum.
“Sorry for being losers.” cried Bruce
“It’s okay.” said Shawn as he went to give them a handshake.

                    And That is why   
                     You don’t bully
                 Because it’s not nice
                    And then you have
                     To go to the principles
                            Also when you
                               Get bullied,make
                                   Sure that when
                                    The bullies
                                        Apologise that
                                         You forgive

The End!


I was in the middle of the seat, then all of a sudden it hit me. I can’t believe I have been in a car accident, This is horrible… “HELP!” Someone runs over to try and help but it’s too late, I was the last survivor. Now susie, that’s the last story for tonight, Bed time now...        

I wake up, Walk out to grab some breakfast  and I see a black figure, standing there, I stay as still as a statue. It starts to move closer to me, The closer it gets the farther I move away.
Then suddenly I fall over something being sucked into the ground next thing I remember was
Waking up in my bed all alone... Alright that's enough stories today Lucy, Now go play with your     Friends.  

I wake up, wondering how I fell asleep. I stand up in my pyjamas, Waiting for something dramatic to happen. Then, Nothing. I have an aching urge to go outside, But my gut refuses. “Is this a dream?” I begin to feel a slight dizzyness, Slowly I manage to make my way to Lucy’s room. Wait… Whos Lucy? Do I know her? Then it hit me. “Oh my god, She's my daughter, I have to find her!” A voice starts to moan from the dining room, I go to check it out and there she is, Singing a lullaby to her doll. Out of nowhere, Darkness.

Is this dream going to go on for ever? When will I ever really wake up? Is my daughter ok?

W3T1 Published Writing

~ Logan and Shay