Thursday, February 23, 2017

Maths Challenge - Marble Maze!!!

As part of our B.U.I.L.D maths this week..... we had a challenge to make a marble maze that had three layers and the marble travelled for 1m.

Soooooo much creativity and determination to succeed in this challenge.  Fantastic teamwork and repeat for each others ideas!!!

These ladies needed to think about how they slowed  a fast paced marble to it doesn't fly across the room.

DeShontay showed great commitment an creativity with her design.  It worked so well!

Andrew and Ryan managed to find the exact props they needed to help their idea be successful.

Taylor and CJ needed to think about the strength of their design.  The holes did make the cardboard weak but they managed to reinforce them to gain success.

Such great teamwork and discussions had by this group, an interesting and very effective design.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First House Meetings

This afternoon, there were nerves and anticipation for our first house meetings.
Toby is Hammond Leader. James is Hartley and Taylor is Raikes.

All leaders did a fantastic job, introducing themselves, expressing expectations and talking about up coming house events.

Well done guys, it is a hard thing to put yourself out there, especially in front of your peers and people you don't know so well.  It will get easier, the more practise you do.

Thanks for our senior students for leading by example and supporting their peers in their new leadership roles.

Super proud of you all.

Toby had a great plan, he asked the group questions while he address his connection issues.

Toby had his house hanging off his every word.

James was so nervous at first, his hands were literally shaking.

James managed to get some great ideas from his house about this terms challenges.

Taylor was cool, calm and collected on the outside but nervous on the inside.

The Raikes house listened well to everyones ideas about teamwork.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Leaders

I am super proud to introduce our leaders for 2017!

From the left:
Taylor - Raikes House Leader. Toby - Hammond House Leader, Braxton - Head Boy, Gina - Head Girl and James - Hartley House Leader.

What a wonderful opportunity to grow your talents and your leadership skills.  Looking forward to a great year of you all sharing your skills and being fantastic role models within our school.

People are Awesome!

At the end of the day we spend five minutes watching how people challenge themselves and their boundaries......

We may not be as extreme when challenging our boundaries but we will continue to take risks with out learning and build our confidence.
A great role model for people of all ages!!!

New Students

We would like to welcome Andrew and Ryan to our awesome class!  Hope you guys have a blast at this fantastic school!


Welcome back and we are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you.

We are a wonderful bunch of year 6-8 students, with amazing attitudes and great senses of humour!

This blog is to share our learning, we can share many types of things - images, stories, videos, links etc.

We hope you enjoy this space.