Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First House Meetings

This afternoon, there were nerves and anticipation for our first house meetings.
Toby is Hammond Leader. James is Hartley and Taylor is Raikes.

All leaders did a fantastic job, introducing themselves, expressing expectations and talking about up coming house events.

Well done guys, it is a hard thing to put yourself out there, especially in front of your peers and people you don't know so well.  It will get easier, the more practise you do.

Thanks for our senior students for leading by example and supporting their peers in their new leadership roles.

Super proud of you all.

Toby had a great plan, he asked the group questions while he address his connection issues.

Toby had his house hanging off his every word.

James was so nervous at first, his hands were literally shaking.

James managed to get some great ideas from his house about this terms challenges.

Taylor was cool, calm and collected on the outside but nervous on the inside.

The Raikes house listened well to everyones ideas about teamwork.

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