Thursday, February 23, 2017

Maths Challenge - Marble Maze!!!

As part of our B.U.I.L.D maths this week..... we had a challenge to make a marble maze that had three layers and the marble travelled for 1m.

Soooooo much creativity and determination to succeed in this challenge.  Fantastic teamwork and repeat for each others ideas!!!

These ladies needed to think about how they slowed  a fast paced marble to it doesn't fly across the room.

DeShontay showed great commitment an creativity with her design.  It worked so well!

Andrew and Ryan managed to find the exact props they needed to help their idea be successful.

Taylor and CJ needed to think about the strength of their design.  The holes did make the cardboard weak but they managed to reinforce them to gain success.

Such great teamwork and discussions had by this group, an interesting and very effective design.

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