Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Story of a Player - By Andrew

Herobrine battle part1

It was a normal day except for the fact I was being chased by at least 15 zombies in the northern stronghold in the plains biome. But I was lucky to find what I was looking for.THE END PORTAL!!!.Where it all ends. I have had an epic battle against the wither in the nether and dealt with multiple mobs and conquered every dungeon and abandoned mineshaft in my land.

So I blocked the door and walked towards the end portal and grabbed twelve ender eyes from my inventory ”finally my mission will be complete” I said, but then as quick as a pig something killed me!  My health was at full and I was full so how did I die . so I was determined to find out who or what killed him so for many days I studied all the mobs until.”Oh no””not him not . . . HEROBRINE!!!”.

The next day I left in search for Herobrine it was dangerous I had to go past deserted villages through deadly mines and narrow mountains to find Herobrine but only to find myself right back where I had started . . .or was I. I was actually at a fake trap house designed by Herobrine .Then as I stepped in a creeper spawned then a zombie which just burned “whew thank you for my glass roof”I said as I shot an arrow right into the creeper.Then I ventured further into the copy of my house being attacked from side to side.

Then as I found a room different from the rest I opened the door to see a figure with eyes as white as the sun tattered clothing like mine except ripped it was the master of destruction the destroyer of worlds  Herobrine. . .

To be


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