Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Makayla&Aimee work in proggress.

This week my neighbour's cat had kittens and gave them to me. One was ginger and white the other one was light brown and shaded white. I called them Griffins and Cupcake.
Griffins was the ginger one, and Cupcake was the light and shaded white one. They were so small and cute and cuddly.

One afternoon I said “come on Griffins and Cupcake let's go outside for an adventure!” But as soon as I opened my door all I saw was a miniature cat . I felt so sorry for this cat so I adopted her I named her mittens now I have three cats.

Mittens, Griffins and Cupcake decided to go out for a walk they hopped on the bed but they  just made it. they jumped on to the window cell. Luckily the window was just tilted open! Mittens jumped off of the window and followed the trail. Griffins and Cupcake followed the trail into the darkness. It was very difficult to find Mittens though because she blended in with the darkness. But luckily cat’s have night vision! Griffins, Cupcake and Mittens, are now lost they don’t know where to go, what to do, or where to go next. They followed the track that they went down.

Then after a big adventure they finally found home. But before they went inside they wanted to go to the store. You would be thinking. Wait what? Cats going to the store at 1am in the morning now that is weird. Well these cats aren’t normal cats they are..Robbers! Thats right they are robbers. They mostly like stealing fish. They have to be undercover otherwise people will be suspicious about them. They also have to be very cute for it to work. That’s the best thing for them, since they can always be cute! Cat’s are one of the cutest animals ever invented!

Cupcake sprinted down the street, she could smell the greatness of the fish! But there was one problem they didn’t know how to get inside without breaking the window. Then Griffins saw a cat entrance around the back. This shop owner must be crazy. They must not know the secret about all the cats! Mittens, Cupcake and Griffins entered the cat door. Inside it was a pig sty. It was disgusting guts on the ground also a knife that had been cutting up a… Fish, finally a nice cut up fish, there was three pieces cut up perfectly! Mittens rushed right up onto the counter she was really hungry. So were Griffins and Cupcake. ‘Weep’. They paused for a moment… The door just swung right open.  Someone must’ve entered the room. They quickly tried to run out the cat door until it swung right open. The owner just opened the door and just noticed that the fish was missing. The cats had to hide.

They saw a clock and they looked at the time it was boom 6am! Already they couldn’t believe it. Griffins was to scared and ran right out the door and the others grabbed the fish quickly then ran straight out the cat door. And didn’t even look behind them to see if the owner was following them.They did the exact same thing as they did to get out the window when they arrived home. They were hoping that their owner wasn’t awake. Luckily they were just in time because their owner was waking up. They made it look like they were asleep. But first they had to crunch down the fish. Then they accidently fell asleep. That was their little adventure!

Thanks for listening

By Aimee and Makayla

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