Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On the island part 1-Ryan

I was on a boat with a crew at hand then a tsunami crashed into my ship making the ship turn turtle. The crew sadly got killed by sharks but I survived swimming for days punching sharks in the face then, there it was a little island I swam to it immediately then I found that I was now STRANDED!!!!

I tried to calm down then I realised I can’t so I…
Ran around in circles screaming my head off then I crashed into a tree. Then when I woke up I found a crab on my face pinching my nose that woke me up ow,ow,ow,ow,ow get off me you crabby craberson.

My second day on the island no drinkable water for miles then when I thought I lost hope I saw a,a,a water bottle on a desserted island then I had no choise then I realised it was my fav drink it must have fallen from a plane or a helecopter or something like that.

Day three I was still stranded on the island then I saw a chopper then I signeled it and I was safe from the terable island

The end???

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