Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Class Motto - The Chuken and the MELONS

We had many discussions about the expectations of our class this year..... there were so many great ideas from amazing seniors.  We had two stand out ideas.

One was 'the Chuken' (yes, it is spelt like that LOL) - this was a mascot that was designed by Toby and Braxton.  He is a crazy little character that is not afraid to challenge the norm.  
Jack came up with a great catch phrase for our Chuken - BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY!
We decided that the chuken could be our mascot - we have many great plans for merchandise (watch this space).
However, we needed a bit more meaning behind our Chuken - Cearna and Manaia came up with MELONS (as pictured below) this will give everyone something to hang their expectations on, sort of our Senior code.  
After much laughter and some rather crazy suggestions, we decided that we will be the melons and the chuken will be the leader of the melons.
It all sounds rather confusing but we get it.

Managing Self, Encouraging others, Learn as much as you can, Organised, Never give up, Successful

We all used our maths skills to create a 3D melon - WE ARE THE MELONS!!!

Here are our Chukens that we made with Miss Gloyn - We are going to be the Heroes of our own stories!!!
Riki-Lee has fully committed to be one awesome MELON!!!

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