Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I was in the middle of the seat, then all of a sudden it hit me. I can’t believe I have been in a car accident, This is horrible… “HELP!” Someone runs over to try and help but it’s too late, I was the last survivor. Now susie, that’s the last story for tonight, Bed time now...        

I wake up, Walk out to grab some breakfast  and I see a black figure, standing there, I stay as still as a statue. It starts to move closer to me, The closer it gets the farther I move away.
Then suddenly I fall over something being sucked into the ground next thing I remember was
Waking up in my bed all alone... Alright that's enough stories today Lucy, Now go play with your     Friends.  

I wake up, wondering how I fell asleep. I stand up in my pyjamas, Waiting for something dramatic to happen. Then, Nothing. I have an aching urge to go outside, But my gut refuses. “Is this a dream?” I begin to feel a slight dizzyness, Slowly I manage to make my way to Lucy’s room. Wait… Whos Lucy? Do I know her? Then it hit me. “Oh my god, She's my daughter, I have to find her!” A voice starts to moan from the dining room, I go to check it out and there she is, Singing a lullaby to her doll. Out of nowhere, Darkness.

Is this dream going to go on for ever? When will I ever really wake up? Is my daughter ok?

W3T1 Published Writing

~ Logan and Shay

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