Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stranded Island By Taylor and Dylan

The island

One day I was on a cruise ship going to my friends private island for a party/auction. He was auctioning some hyper cars that he had lying around collecting dust. I am going to the giant water slide when the boat starts to suddenly sinking downwards. I sprint as fast as possible to the to the life raft and buy the look of it I am the first one to get to the life rafts I launch the life raft off the boat and start floating alone.

After a few hours I see land within swimming distance but I see shark fins in between me and the island. Whoosh whoosh whoosh as I start to paddle so I can get to the island. After 5 minutes I finally get to the island and see some banana trees and I climb up and grab a ripe bunch. I look around all I can see is an endless
amount of water surrounding me and a large island with boats and floating planes surrounding it. Miraculously I find a hatchet.

I walk over to the banana trees I cut them down and put them together with seaweed, I launch it into the sea and start paddling with my hands.Once I get to the bigger island I see my friend and tell him to hire better boats that don’t sink under water. I end up buying a car and get it transported to my house on a stronger and  better boat. When I get home I test drive my new car It’s top speed is 250 which is very fast.

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