Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tiopira & Olivers Story

                     Tiopira & Olivers

Bing bong! The bell rang, Shawn’s first day at his new school. His teacher Mr Hawking welcomed him to his new classmates, he made his way to an empty desk, BAM! Someone tripped him up.
He got up and he sat at his desk at the back of the room, he got his phone and headphones an listened to his mashup.
After class he went to the have some lunch but then some people named Bruce and Rex went up to him and he said, “What are you doing at my school nerd!”.
Shawn whispered, “I don’t care”.
Then Rex yelled, “What was that Loser?”.
and then they walked off.
The next day Shawn went to the principal Mr Goodman, “Mr Goodman I am having a bad time here at this school’,
Gasped Shawn.
Mr Goodman replied, “What Is Your trouble?”
Then Shawn screamed out, “Some of your students are being mean.” Mr Goodman was surprised, “What are their names?
” “Bruce And Rex”  Shawn whispered,
“Well then I will ask them to stop if they don’t I will put them in detention.” screamed Mr Goodman. “Okay”,shrieked Shawn as he walked away.

The next day Rex and Bruce went up to
Shawn and said, “Why did you snitch on us loser?”
Shawn replied “Because you’re being mean!” “Shut up nerd!” yelled Rex.
Shawn started to cry he ran to the bathroom and wiped up his tears and went to class.

After school he ran home and locked himself in his room and he looked under his bed and grabbed something… he grabbed his launchpad and made some music. Suddenly someone came crashing in through his door and it was his mum saying, “ get out of your room now!”
“But why mum?” Yelled Shawn.
“Just get out!” screamed Shawn’s mum”. Shawn left his room.

After that Shawn found out that Bruce and Rex were outside on his porch.  “No mum please tell them to leave!” Yelled Shawn
“Okay!” Yelled Shawn’s mum.
Shawn’s mum opened the door slowly and said
“Sorry boys but you have to leave because I have heard you have been bullying my son, so on your way come on keep on moving.”
“But we are here to say sorry to Shawn.” exclaimed Rex.
“Oh okay” said Shawn’s Mum.
“Sorry for being losers.” cried Bruce
“It’s okay.” said Shawn as he went to give them a handshake.

                    And That is why   
                     You don’t bully
                 Because it’s not nice
                    And then you have
                     To go to the principles
                            Also when you
                               Get bullied,make
                                   Sure that when
                                    The bullies
                                        Apologise that
                                         You forgive

The End!

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